Viveca Amato

 Ireland has become my new home, even though it is not my heritage. Growing up in Germany and living most of my life in varying places in the States, I truly feel rooted and in love here. In this magical place,I feel even more inspiration to expand every energy of my creativity.

I have felt immersed almost obsessed with art in its many forms since a very young age. Fortunately I was able to launch into it full time opening my own Gallery in North Carolina. From that point onward I expanded into decorating doing murals and faux finishes for many homes and businesses, scenes being captured in a magazine.
I still painted custom art on canvas, slate wood or glass, loved painting on anything I could recycle. Being a decorator I could adjust my style to anything that a customer would require.
I love to share what I have learned with my students and with the new event here the Sip, Snack and Paint class. I believe anyone can paint if they want to…I share some little tricks and guarantee a painting to take home. We spend a couple of hours painting, sipping on a glass of wine and a mini meal with a load of Craic…as they say here. I feel myself  that I would waste a day not learning something, so consider I myself a lifetime student as well.
I have to extend the creative energy in several directions….with a co author I have written a book about my father … “Embraced by legends”. I also have written songs and poetry I have yet to publish. Due to many requests I hope to complete a cook book…and who knows what else? If it pours in I need to pour it out and hope it blesses others.


I’ve newly discovered the art of needle felting. It’s takes some extra juggling to find time to do it all. I love wonderfully blending wool like painting only with a needle unto a wool surface.
I enjoy belonging to a wonderful group of people here called properly “The Colourful Spirits” where we engage in encouraging each other and displaying our works in a diversity of venues.
A little bit of myself and all I have earned as an art traveler and explorer are in all my  creations. As there are many sides of me and pieces of me yet to gather…..I hope  to express it in all my pieces for you .


Fa You can see more about Viveca’s work, including her Art, books and cooking on her Facebook Page, Viveca’s Art.

Viveca’s Irish Art copyright Viveca Amato 2014

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